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All CX Perspectives

One of the biggest challenges companies face is getting the organization to “lean in” and embrace a culture of customer advocacy. Our granular emotion and cognitive insights get everyone on the team aligned to the needs of the customer without coercion by revealing a new “believable” ground-truth that inspires buy-in.

B2C Performance

The most powerful data insights, based on the unfiltered voice of the customer and backed by quantitative analysis.

  • Decooda enables you to focus on the exact drivers of customer experience by pinpointing the exact emotions customers feel when engaging with you.
  • Decooda creates a laser focus for your improvement efforts allowing you to attain true ROI for improvement efforts with the right set of measurements to ensure ongoing success.

B2B Account Health

Achieve a clear understanding of each customer’s “account health,” based on an in-depth, data driven view of their underlying perspective and feelings about their relationship with your company.

  • Decooda drives your understanding of each customer’s state of mind in real-time by allowing you to pinpoint the exact emotions which shape the customer’s current opinion toward you and their future intentions.
  • Decooda gives you the unique ability to anticipate issues and preemptively engage customers ensuring tailored experiences that get to the heart of what they care most about.

Customer Care

Decooda generates breakthrough understanding and visibility into your customers’ support journey from process performance to a qualitative understanding of customer-facing employee attitudes and behaviors.

  • Track contact and care center team interactions to understand how your teams and employees behave and interact with customers daily so you can design, monitor and improve processes that will reinforce a customer-first culture!
  • Understanding of how your teams and employees actually behave and interact with customers on a daily basis so you can design, improve, and monitor processes that will reinforce a customer-first culture!


Achieve a more granular understanding of “omni-channel” interactions with customers which allow for continuous improvements to customer touch-points across all channels.

  • Decooda provides a holistic view of your customers’ interactions with a game-changing ability to capture how customers think, feel, and act that will forever change your understanding of actual customer experiences.
  • Bottom line – you will finally have and understand all the customer “moments of truth” which determine your future success.

Location and Verticals

Drill-down into local interactions to identify specific challenges tied to a specific location empowering targeted action backed by real data driven conclusions to target exact customer experience improvements.

  • Decooda provides laser focus and real-time insight across geographies, specific locations, individual product sets, etc.
  • Decooda enables you to fully address unique customer desires that arise based on where/how they interact with you by pinpointing and understanding the emotions topics that influence customer behaviors.

Employees and Culture

Understand the precise organizational behaviors that will guarantee a great customer outcomes.

  • Decooda empowers a complete understanding of the way your employees behave when engaging customers daily, allowing you to tune your culture in real-time to create the best customer experiences possible.
  • Decooda reveals how teams across your organization interact with customers allowing you to scorecard individuals or teams to reinforce consistent follow through at every touch point.


Our research and analytics services provide a deep understanding of how to shape your products, processes and culture to ensure your customers stay and thrive with you.

  • Decooda provides a single data driven, holistic view of all customer touch-points, directed by a clear understanding of customer emotions, their state-of-mind and impact topics that specifically influences both positive and negative behaviors.
  • Stakeholders can align individual improvement efforts with overall company plans to ensure optimal use of resources as well as target the areas that customers care most about.

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