David Johnson

Decooda’s vision for delivering valuable social media and enterprise text-analytics insights has been framed by David’s obsession to understand and predict consumer behaviors in real-time at web-scale. He has assembled an interdisciplinary team of experts that specialize in big data, linguistics, cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence to understand the root cause of consumer behavior and its impact on business outcomes on a global basis.

Charles Wardell

Charles has decades of experience designing and implementing large-scale massive parallel processing (MPP) and grid computing platforms. He leverages his creativity and passion to efficiently solve the world’s largest and most complex data and analytics challenges, which has led to his most significant innovation to date – Decooda’s Cognitive Analytics Engine.

Board of Directors

David Johnson

Experienced sales leader that has generated $300+ Million in new business acquisition across the Fortune 500 and SMB market segments. Visionary entrepreneur that is relentless in his pursuit of revealing the whole story behind big data. Advocate for interdisciplinary data science approach that connects human thoughts, feelings and behaviors communicated across all mediums in real-time in order to understand the “real” drivers of behavior.

Christopher K Hill

Chris Hill has spent 20+ years working in sales, marketing, product and business development, and senior management positions at leading global technology companies.

Mr. Hill is the President of Tsunami AR/VR, the leader in applied enterprise Virtual and Augment Reality solutions, prior to that he was the President of OpenPeak, a provider of white label cybersecurity solutions for the enterprise mobility management. Mr. Hill also spent 16 years with AT&T where he served as the Senior Vice President of Advanced Solutions, a new business unit he founded and grew to over $1B in annual sales during his tenure.

He is a graduate of University of Virginia with a BA in economics and completed the General Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Varma PSK

Passionate about building startups and supporting them through their initial stages and help investors and entrepreneurs with valuations, fund raising and execution. He has formidable experience in managing R&D teams, running delivery organizations, providing strategic direction for companies, identifying market gaps and coming up with innovative solutions.

Val Rahmani

Thirty years of experience in general management in the technology industry, from start-up CEO to multi-billion dollar businesses. Popular public speaker from international conferences to leading business schools. Born in the UK, moved to the US in 2001 as part of Lou Gerstner’s team as CEO of IBM.

Randy Salisbury

More than twenty-five years of experience helping start-ups and early stage companies accelerate growth and enhance enterprise value via branding, positioning, client retention, communications and investor relations.

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