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We offer the shortest implementation cycle and deliver real business results faster – days and weeks, not months or years.

In just 4 easy steps we can have you up and running quickly. Further, we never require you to go through a theoretical journey mapping process before, during or after your launch. By just using our CX I.Q. Software we can tell what the actual journeys look like based on fact.

CX I.Q. Strategy Services

CX First Look

We engage with your management team to rapidly reveal a new customer experience “ground truth” based on empirical evidence mined from the unfiltered Voice of the Customer. We then collaborate with you to develop appropriate goals, key performance measurements, as well as an optimal governance structure to ensure goals are achieved.

CX Program Assessment

We engage your team through a holistic assessment of all aspects of your current CX efforts.  Our assessment model balances fundamental customer experience program requirements with truly innovative, cutting edge programs that allow you to gain a competitive edge through deep customer understanding.

CX Culture (Inside Out)

Our core belief is that behaviors drive culture.  These behaviors can be identified, quantified and tied to overall financial, CX and performance goals.  Our award-winning Internal NPS methodology uniquely identifies how well your internal teams collaborate and communicate in support of your customers.  We enable you to quantify your performance and tie cultural improvements to customer experience!

Omni Channel Analysis (Outside In)

We guide you to the right summary conclusions through a combination of feedback topic and impact analysis, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) process analysis, and targeted customer feedback. We create a series of scorecards and real-time analysis to focus your entire CX effort on exactly the right areas to optimize CX and your investments.

CX Outsourcing

We give companies the ability to focus on their core competencies, while we do the heavy lifting of capturing feedback, analyzing trends, and determining the optimal path forward for improvement.  To ensure that you can focus on the necessary changes to optimize the customer experience, we will execute all aspects of your CX program.

Automated Customer Journey Mapping

The key to effective customer journey work is completely understanding the “moments of truth” at which your customers make decisions about their ongoing relationship with you.  Through existing survey analysis, customer interviews, and deep insights gained through our analytic tools, we can quickly and accurately represent the entire journey and the essence of the customer’s feelings about you.

CX I.Q. Analytics and Research Services

Brand Analytics

We will work closely with you to help you get the most out of your listening strategy, or we will create a customized listening strategy for your brand.  A strategy that goes well beyond the survey, bringing together the additional, relevant data streams necessary to truly understand how people are thinking, feeling and behaving.

Brand Analytics Services:

  • Brand Assessment
  • Feedback/Social Listening
  • Strategic Brand Positioning
  • Strategic Segmentations
  • Modern Brand Tracking
  • New Idea or Concept Testing
  • Brand Equity Studies
  • Category Adjacency Studies

Buzz and Content Analytics

Ultimately, a marketer’s role is to influence people to build a relationship that drives brand purchase. In today’s multi-platform world there are infinite ways to influence people – it can be quite overwhelming and is best not left to intuition.  Decooda is uniquely positioned to help you develop the brand side of the conversation by understanding the drivers of customer behavior.

Buzz and Content Services:

  • Rapid Creative Content Vetting
  • 360o Touch-point Effectiveness
  • Touch Point Monitoring
  • Creative Development
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Call-center Feedback

Behavioral Analytics

Our Multi-Platform Media Mix Modeling measures synergies across the marketing mix to inform marketing decisions by incorporating the “voice” and “mind” of the customer in the model to understand people’s motivations and behaviors that influence sales.  We then quantify the longer-term effects for more accurate and holistic ROMI estimates.

Behavioral Analytics Services:

  • Brand Drivers Modeling
  • Multi-Platform Media Mix Modeling including consumer mindset and customer voice metrics
  • Digital Audience Targeting

Analytics and Research Services Core Competencies

Emotion & Cognitive
Text Analytics

Key Driver & Impact

Analytics Studies &

Custom Analytics

Segmentation Analysis

Data Exports

Dynamic Variable

National &
Cyber Security

Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Automated Journey

Custom Reporting

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